Review: If the Raindrops United by Judiah Friedlander


Most Americans know Judah Friedlander from his role as Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock and from appearances in films like American Splendor and The Wrestler. But long before he became a film and TV star and stand-up comic Friedlander drew stuff.
Now, in this quirky, hilarious, and surprisingly profound collection of drawings, Friedlander shows a new side to his “terrifically entertaining” (New York Times) comedy. (from Goodreads)

Personal Take: I’m not sure how one reviews a book of drawings and cartoons. There weren’t necessarily many words (a few pages at most), but the doodles were enough to make readers think of what’s important to Judah. Much of it is relevant to what’s happening in the U.S, from social issues, to environmental issues. And some varies from being quickly understood to taking some time to sink in (mostly because I wasn’t familiar with the references). Much like how he is on television, Friedlander inserts intelligent humor in his doodles, which I adored.

Overall though, this is a quaint book of doodles, that packs a lot of messages with deep thoughts, sometimes bordering controversial, but it was a delight to sift through.

Audience: Older people, because even if the book is filled with doodles, there are still some adult themes in there.


Other recommendations: The only other book Friedlander wrote was How To Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book by A World Champion, which I’m assuming is a comedy. Artists/creatives who have done something similar is Heart and Brain: The AwkwardYeti Collection by Nick Seluk and Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson.