Review Policy

Review Policy

1. A Reading Kabocha reviews books from all range of genres– basically whatever comes into my hands– except for Erotica.

2. Because of the huge range of genre, I will try to direct them to the right audiences.

3. Reviews are based completely on my honest opinion.
4. While I love receiving books to review, please note that I am not currently accepting any reading and reviewing requests. Thank you for thinking about me though!

Review Content

The Review content will be divided into three parts

1. Basic summary of the book, re-phrased by me.
2. Book review, focusing on plot/story/characters/pacing. To the best of my ability, this part will be spoiler free.
3. One line summarizing which audience would enjoy the review book.Rating System

There is a 1-5 pumpkin rating system; 5 pumpkins being the highest, and 1 the lowest. There is a “zero” pumpkin rating reserved for books I can’t get through (“Did Not Finish” or “DNF”).