Review: Wild by Ben Okri


As acclaimed for his poetic vision as for the beauty of his language, in these poems Okri captures bot the tenderness and the fragility, as well as the depths and the often hidden directions of our lives. To him, the ‘wild’ is an alternative to the familiar, where energy meets freedom, where art meets the elemental, where chaos can be honed. The wild is our link to the stars…

Ranging across a wide variety of subjects, from the autobiographical to the philosophical, from war to love, from nature to the difficulty of truly seeing, these poems reconfigure the human condition, in unusual light, through their mastery of tone and condensed brilliance. (From Goodreads)

Personal Take: There are no words to describe how much Okri’s words blew me away. Each poem was succinct and raw, beautiful as it draws on emotional imagery. The poetry takes on different subject matters, and all of them convey the depth of human pain and perseverance. This is a short book that needs to be savored, and it was well worth the emotional journey.

Though this is the first work I’ve read by Okri, I’m determined to read more of his beautiful writing.

Audience: To all poetry lovers, and those who enjoy Spoken Word.



Other recommendations: Okri has written several books, among them is award-winning The Famished Road, but do check out more of his published work.

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