Review: Transformations by Anne Sexton

The fairy tale-based works of the tortured confessional poet, whose honesty and wit in the face of psychological pain have touched thousands of readers. (from Goodreads.)

Personal Take: There’s something captivating and haunting about Anne Sexton’s poetry. Taking well-known fairytales, Sexton captured their dark essence in her stanzas. Much like the style she’s known for, there are elements of a tortured confession in each of her poems, beginning as if like an anecdote before launching into a familiar, but kind of new, tale. In some instances, it is a jab at the style of how fairytales are told, replacing happy endings with morbid or unhappy endings. One of the things I observed and loved when I read her poetry is the use of language. Sexton’s dark tones were, like I said, captivating and moving.

Transformations brought forth interesting twists  to the well-known fairytales that I reveled in.

Audience: Contains adult themes.



Other recommendations: Anne Sexton wrote many poetry books, one of which, Live or Die, received a Pulitzer Award for Poetry.

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