Review: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery


When an aviator crashes his plane into the desert, he is surprised to find that he is not the only one stranded in the vast desert. Told from the point of view of the aviator, he relates the tale of the Little Prince, who has come from another planet to find friends in other worlds. Through words and sketches, the story of the prince comes to life, revealing precious lessons to learn from.

Personal Take: There’s something in Saint-Exupery’s tale that makes me want more. More of his insight and views of growing, or the Little Prince’s little lessons along his journey. There is something so innocent in the way this story unfolds. So simplistic in its moral lesson that it makes it just perfect in its compact way. Of course, something as precious as this was bound to end in some sort of vague heartbreak, but I loved it all the same. In this edition, Saint-Exupery’s other piece of writing was printed, The Hostage. Again, with such an honest voice, the writing is so beautifully descriptive and enchanting, and draws such a picture of the war. It also sheds a little light on what kind of person Saint-Exupery was as well, and his esteem of humanity even during the war. ]

This is a beautiful story that must be read and shared for the longest time.

Audience: Young and old readers.


Other recommendations: Saint-Exupery published a lot of work around his aviation adventures, namely Wind, Sand, and Stars and Flight to Arras.

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