Review: Black Butterfly by Robert M. Drake


The Black Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth after death. Drake wrote this book for those who have lost someone in death and in life. This book is a collection of memories and experiences Drake lived after the death of one of his brothers. He promised he would write him a few words after he failed to complete the task while his brother was alive. (From Goodreads)

Personal Take: After reading the beautiful poetry of R.M Drake, I was beyond ecstatic to find out that he’d released a collection of his poetry. Even though this book was a collection of the loss he felt, it was still beautiful in the love that it described too. It’s both raw and emotional, with undertones of his intent, which comes off so strikingly. The illustrations added to its beauty as well. It’s something any person can relate to and aspire to as well.

This is a must on all shelves.

Audience: Older, as there are dark themes.




Other recommendations: R.M Drake recently released A Brilliant Madness, and will soon release a collection of writings, Beautiful and Damned, among other things.

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